Forum Gdańsk
Open today 9:00 – 21:00
Forum Gdańsk
Open today 9:00 – 21:00

The idea

Forum Gdańsk is a modern urban space where relaxation, shopping and entertainment blend with the life of Gdansk and its citizens.

It is a place of cultural and social events, as well as various undertakings aimed at community building. It is a space for meetings – diverse, creative, open, full of energy and suffused with the culture of the city. There is something for everyone here.


The Forum is located in Targ Sienny and Targ Rakowy – both historic places for Gdansk trade. Previously, the area was crisscrossed by railway tracks, as well as housing what remained of Gildia – a commercial centre built in the 90s and which was closed down 6 years ago. The location was examined by a team of archaeologists, whose findings will be presented in special display cases along the boulevard at Kanał Raduni. Construction work began in 2015, breathing new life into the Forum’s surroundings and continuing the commercial tradition of the city.

Green spaces

No less than 1/3 of Forum Gdańsk is made up of green spaces. This area of more than 2 hectares will be planted with 80 various species of vegetation – 33 thousand plants in total. 2 veteran trees also grow here – a horse-chestnut and an ash. This results in a unique ecosystem in the heart of the city, which will draw butterflies and chirping birds. Katarzyna Bellingham designed the space so that it changes with the seasons – from the juiciness of spring greenery, to the blue and violet, as well as pink and purple of spring and autumn in full swing. In addition, ornamental grasses and shrubs will decorate the area in autumn and winter. All this so that visitors can relax while sitting on one of the many benches scattered around the area, and so that they are able to take a moment to enjoy nature in the centre of the city.



The Forum is a place where public space shapes commercial space, not the other way around. This makes Forum Gdańsk unique in Europe. Its architecture stands out for its modern design, which blends effortlessly with the old elements of its predecessor. The hallmark of Forum Gdańsk is Kanał Raduni, which flows through the middle of it all – a testimony to the skill of mediaeval engineers. To further highlight its unique nature, one of its banks has been paved with cobblestones recovered from the Targ Sienny excavation site.



The area is divided into three zones – The Boulevard, Modern Court and The Street, which further highlights the Forum’s diversity. Each of the three zones is distinct for the solutions chosen and the details referencing various styles.


Forum Gdańsk has been built in a unique location – everything is close by. The centre is located on a 6-hectare plot at 3 Maja, Armii Krajowej, Wały Jagiellońskie and Hucisko streets. It is the central area of the city, neighbouring the Gdansk Main Station, the historic Main Town, various public utility facilities and the Gdansk Śródmieście transfer hub.


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