Forum Gdańsk is an exceptionally modern urban space with a completely new panorama of the Main City, open to art and culture. Here, rest, shopping and entertainment seamlessly blend with the life of Gdańsk and its inhabitants. It is a meeting space – diverse, creative, open, filled with the energy and culture of the city.

On 63,360 sqm. of retail space, there are about 200 shops and service points from almost all retail sectors, restaurants, entertainment space and 1,100 parking spaces.

Forum Gdańsk offers relaxation zones and parents' rooms, and all this is complemented by the center's unparalleled interior design and architecture, as well as uniquely developed green areas.

The space of Forum Gdańsk is divided into three zones - Boulevard, Courtyard and Street, which additionally emphasizes the diversity of the Forum. Each zone is distinguished by carefully selected solutions and details referring to different styles.

The complex also includes the historic building of the former kindergarten run by the Elizabethan nuns and Kunszt Wodny - the future seat of the City Culture Institute.

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